Field Trip
interactive documentary . 90 min . 2019
Field Trip is an interactive documentary film about Tempelhof Field, a former airfield now being used as one of the biggest urban parks in the world. For some, the 300 hectares of open space are full of possibilities; for others, it is a place of oppression and of dark episodes in German history. For others still, it has become a home far away from home. Field Trip tells their stories.
Through interactive documentary films and the inclusion of people on site, Field Trip has become a vibrant reflection of one of the most exciting places in Berlin.
The project was exclusively pre-released by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Blockade.
Following the pre-release, the Field Trip team has made a large part of the materials (films, illustrations, software, design) available to the public. Most of the materials are published under free licences

edited by Michał Kuleba
director, author, producer: Eva Stotz
author, interactive producer: Frédéric Dubois
producer: Svenja Klüh
creative technologist: Joscha Jäger
designer, front-end developer: Olivier Guillard
illustrator, animator: Filippo Letizi
composer, sound designer: Frieder Nagel
additional editing: Calle Overweg
produced by ronjafilm

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