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Mi - cha - what ?
Hello, my name is Michał (pronounced me-how) and I'm a film editor. 
I have experience in a wide range of projects,
specializing in fictional films and music videos.
However, I am always open to other genres. 
I moved to Berlin a few years ago 
to study editing at the oldest film school in Germany, the Film University Babelsberg.
For the final project of my Bachelor's Program, I edited Chain,
an award-winning short fiction film written and directed by Eicke Bettinga.
Additionally, for my work on Memoire,
I was awarded the Best Short Fiction Film Editing Award
at the Film Editing Festival in Łódź, Poland
and the prestigious German Camera Award 2016
in the category of Outstanding Short Film Editing.
How can I help with your project?
I believe that films are not only stories, but experiences we share with our viewers.
This mindset heavily influences my work.
As a film editor, my task is not only to take care of the rhythm of the pictures,
but my main job is to transform the script and footage 
into the best movie experience possible. 
This means a captivating plot and atmosphere -
a combination which comes from storytelling not only through dialogue
but also with the use of excellent visuals and sound design.
Music is what I see
I love working on music videos.
Music has always been a huge source of inspiration for me.
When I'm not working on movies, you can most likely find me
on the hunt for new artists and music.
Not sure about your script? 
Let's fix it in Pre
A compelling storyline and well-thought-out dramaturgy are crucial
to the success of a movie. 
I offer expert script consultation during pre-production which will bring your project to life,
this also allows for a smoother post-production process.
Feel free to contact me and let's look at your script from an editor's point of view. 
Would you like to work together ?
Just send me a message and let's talk films:
contact (at) michalkuleba.com

From my editing room with love,

Photo credit: @sylviasteinhaeuser.photo
Thank you Sylvia!
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